Nöle Giulini

sculpture / objekte

Autobiography of a Yogini – a diary of self portraits in polymer clay – on velco panel: 38″x 20″x 3”, June-August 2005

Autobiography of a Yogini – detail view – each individual piece approx. 3″x 2″x 2″, 2005

During the months of June, July and August of 2005 I asked myself to make a Self -Portrait out of Polymer clay (Fimo) every morning in about 45 minutes. As meditation into the emotional quality of this being human my intention was to express and give shape through my hands instead of using words and telling a story. That included giving myself permission to veer away from anatomical precision into the nature of subjective sensory experience.

Much later (2020) I used photographs of these small sculptures to create the “Who Are You” Cards- A Resource for Self-Inquiry and Co-Meditation. They are intended to represent emotional or mental states as invented body gestures.

Sometimes we have no words for what we are feeling. It might be helpful then to choose a card that somehow mirrors your experience and enter into a contemplative self-inquiry with it.

Relating to what you are feeling as an object outside of yourself may present a sense of calm, safety, self-confidence and agency. You realize that you are not the experience, but the experience is a temporarily occurring in you.

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