Nöle Giulini

sculpture / objekte

That Double-Bind, Fatima Hellberg

Since the late 1980s, Nöle Giulini’s intensely material practice has focused on the discarded. In some ways this is a reflection on survival, or, more accurately understood — on surviving —of an enduring and at times willfully fraught effort to keep things alive. The word, ‘survival,’ is in itself unsatisfactory, conjuring up a form of […]

Current Exhibition: 15 Orient Gallery in Brooklyn, NY

15 Orient is delighted to announce an exhibition by sculptor Nöle Giulini; the artist’s first show with the gallery and her first solo-presentation in New York. Featuring a selection of sculptures and wall-works spanning the last thirty years, the show serves as a concise introduction to a practice of striking complexity and originality. December 10 […]

Reviews of Nöle’s work at 15 Orient in Brooklyn, New York, Winter 2022- 2023

Art in America reviews With the rise of new materialism, the notion that nonhuman matter has its own meaningful agency has seeped into a number of disciplines. In the past several years, many artists hoping to think “with” their materials have turned to organic and living matter. Amid this surging interest in bio art, 15 […]

Review of wedding dress

One has to walk into a room where the wedding dress sculpture created by Ms. N. Giulini visually dominates the space where it stands in order to experience the full, very profound and disturbing effect of its impact; to truly comprehend the magnitude of this achievement…There is meaning in this sculpture that says all of […]

Review of Puppets

The most extraordinary work is by Giulini, who fabricates giant brown carnival figures like medieval mummers or Miro’s Ubu Roi characters from layers of fungal skin. She cultivates this in her backyard, shapes, dries and varnishes it before stitching it together… Japan Times, April 13, 1997

San Francisco Bay Guardian review

..Cross the threshold of Gallery One and you encounter Nöle Giulini’s Wedding Dress, a gender-neutral sculpture constructed from recycled men’s and women’s undergarments. Hardly a patchwork that conjures up the traditional lace-curtain circus, these off-white undies have been through the wringer (they’re hand-me-downs appropriated from friends and thrift shops)…And while it may be OK for […]

San Francisco Chronicle review

I do admire Nöle Giulini’s sculpture. Along one wall, she has a row of untitled puppets made of discarded underwear on wire armatures. A kind of sexual joke winks in the idea of underwear rising to perform on its own. These ungendered little figures are like friendly ghosts of the social unconscious… Datebook, San Francisco […]

San Francisco Examiner review

As she has in the past, Nöle Giulini steals the show…Following the classic surrealist precept to make it strange, Giulini has succeeded in astonishing the viewer with a simple insight executed to perfection…Other work of hers, such as slippers and a jacket sewn from banana peels, address survival issues and the nature of skin as […]

Artspace Magazine review

At Paula Anglim, four artists shared the space. The most compelling work in the gallery was indisputably Nöle Giulini’s installation of a suite of dried banana skins, each with its own meticulously constructed, bandage like shroud-cumcarrying case. Horrifyingly attractive, these withered fetish-like lumps suggest voodoo, or maybe the pious preservation of some peculiar portion of […]

Three Women At New Langston review

Magical procedures happen to be a theme in this show, too. There is a quality of the fairy-tale grotesque about Giulini’s “Untitled (Bananashoes).” Here pairs of shoes made from stitched-up banana peels sit atop a row of glass shoe boxes. The paradox in making shoes from stuff that symbolizes a pratfall turns to pity for […]